Welcome to the home of WISDOM, UNITY and CREATIVITY within whose walls lie all qualities of Unique Education. We from the Group of WISDOM offers you playway method of learning. Let us walk together to mould your child’s unique interests.
WISDOM method of learning is a child-centric method where the method of teaching is informal and natural to suit the child’s interests. Our belief learning is best through play activities.

Our school's programmed dedicated classes are.






Your child will learn a complete freedom of expression and we will support them in their growth as beautiful young minds, which have a keen interest in knowing about things, and how do they work through entertaining activities, sports, numerical, alphabet studies and a lot more to weld in a creative world.

Mr. Shivakumara Swamy (Founder and Managing Director)

Mr. Shivakumara Swamy, MA in Economics at Manasa Gangothri Mysore was born and brought up at a small village of Bangalore Rural district and being resided at Tumkur worked as a lecturer and principal in prestigious Sree Siddaganga Educational Institution for 34 years. With a vision of nurturing great values in children through a conscious, harmonious and fun-filled early childhood education system. With that discernment and passion, he created the WISDOM JUNIOR PRESCHOOL.
Shivakumar and his team have spent a lot years of relentless focus and concerted effort in developing a profound understanding of the dynamics and diverse aspects of early childhood education and care.

Shivakumar remembers a Osho thought, “The very word education, in its roots, means to draw out. It has the very secret in its root-meaning. Whatever is within you as a seed has to be drawn out, given full opportunity, so that it can blossom. But no one knows what is hidden within you, what kind of soil you need and what kind of gardener, what is the right climate and the right season and the right time for you to be sown.”

He says “We, at WISDOM JUNIORS, believe in nurturing the child’s hidden talents as every kid is a best gift of god and we are the best care-takers, I assure the parents of my school that WISDOM is another name of your Home!”