1. Indoor and outdoor play areas.
  2. Well equipped, themed classrooms.
  3. Audio-Visual corner.
  4. Stage for music and movement.
  5. Montessori space.
  6. Creative corner.
  7. Early Learning Program (ELP) room.
  8. Reading corner.
  9. Neat and child-safe pantry.
  10. Play way methodology of teaching.
  11. Hygiene school premises.
  12. Above all, reasonable fee structures to ensure parents get value-for-money.


The teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of WISDOM JUNIORS is key to its success. They are greatly valued and honored. They play a very important role in the lives of every child who experiences WISDOM JUNIORS.

Irrespective of the qualifications that old and new teaching and administrative staff bring on board, it is mandatory for all to undergo the in-house training at the WISDOM JUNIORS Head Office, at the start of the academic year.
Other developmental opportunities, We provide training and workshops for the staff all through the year.
Non-teaching staff are trained and supervised by the center co-coordinators and heads.
All staff are continually motivated, appreciated and rewarded to put in their best in the rich, stimulating and enjoyable work environment at WISDOM JUNIORS.

Our Framework

Our Framework is based on following domains of development By the end of the preschool years, the child will:

  1. Able a sense of self as a learner.
  2. Demonstrate a sense of responsibility to oneself and others.
  3. Prepared effective functioning, individually and as the member of a group.
  4. Ability to think, reason, question and remember.
  5. Engage in problem solving.
  6. Use language to communicate, convey and interpret meaning and understanding.
  7. Establish contacts with an understanding of the physical and social world.
  8. Use art forms as an instrument for creative expression and representation.
  9. Demonstrate coordination and strength in fine motor tasks.
  10. Participate in healthy physical activity.
  11. Practice appropriate eating habits, hygiene and self-help skills.

Is the process of observing, recording and documenting what your child does, knows and understands.

All staff at the preschool is involved in the assessment of children under the direction and supervision of the centre head. They will be updated with on-going training and have access to reach out the teaching resources to support their understanding. Throughout the year, we oversee the child and document his/her progress. Our understanding of your child helps us to plan an appropriate and challenging curriculum that is tailored to meet his/her strengths, needs and interests.

We observe and document the progress of each child in the following developmental and academic content areas: Cognitive, Language, Social, Emotional, Physical, Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Dance.

Parent-teacher conferences are conducted often during the school year to encourage their involvement and discussion on their child’s performance and progress at school premises and home as well.

At WISDOM JUNIORS we are always looking for ideas and suggestions from you. Based on your feedback, we will incorporate some thoughtful and extremely useful tips. We can always do with more. So do drop us a line. Tell us how we, your partner in parenting, can improve.